• Siobhan Harper (Sept 2016)

    Fantastic local company for all kinds of cosmetic treatments at very competitive prices. Great location too at Kiln Farm – lovely treatment rooms, plenty of parking and very easy to get too.

    I would trust the team with any cosmetic procedure, always looks so natural. Delighted with the results every time.

  • Hema Bhikha (June 2016)

    I had a Medical microdermabrasion, it has instantly improved and brightened my skin… Would really recommend it. Treatment was fast and easy, professional and friendly staff…!!

  • Sangeeta Raura (June 2016)

    Would recommend microdermabrasion — helps to get rid of the dead skin. Far better than facials in my opinion. Came out glowing. Thanks to Dr Ruchi Sood

  • Satyam Khurana (July 2016)

    Have been visiting regularly for microdermabrasion treatment. Very happy with the service. Dr Sood is very good and professional. Highly recommended.

  • Patricia (08.11.16) ~SMS

    After Dermaroller and cryo- facial treatment. Just thought I’d let you know my face looks great! Not much redness and no pain. Fingers crossed these treatments might help me, look forward to next session of treatment.

  • Denise J (19.07.16) ~SMS

    After Microdermabrasion treatment. Thank you skin feels lovely redness all gone will sort next date shortly.

  • D Johnson (05.2016) ~Facebook

    After Botox treatment. Very caring and knowledgeable, would wholeheartedly recommend, extremely happy with results.

  • Janice Cook (01.05.16) ~Facebook

    Dermal Fillers, Botox, Microdermabrasion

    Professional & welcoming clinic, providing an excellent range of treatments. Advice given on which treatments may be best for you are based on what is suitable for you, with no ‘hard sell’. Having been to other clinics are can say that R3Aesthetics is the best, with treatments to suit combined with friendly, medically trained staff & a relaxing setting.

7th Sept 2016

Janice Cook

The following is my personal experience of Dr. Sood in R3 Aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes. On entering the reception area, which is refreshing & bright, I was welcomed by the receptionist who offered me a drink. The clinic is easy to find with lots of free  parking – a bonus in Milton Keynes. Dr. Sood introduced herself & showed me to the treatment room, which was a light and relaxing place with scented candles burning. Attached to clinic room was a changing room if required.

Dr. Sood is friendly, approachable & showed a keen interest in what I wanted from a treatment. She asked me my medical history and following a discussion about my proposed treatment, Dr. Sood explained other treatments available that may be suitable for me. I laid on a comfortable couch whilst Dr. Sood prepared my face & neck for my chosen treatment. She then carried out the microdermabrasion I had chosen to have – always checking if I was comfortable.

After the treatment, Dr. Sood gave me advice about caring for my skin and arranged another treatment session at my request. I left feeling relaxed pampered. I experienced no side effects. Immediately my skin felt noticeably softer & appeared smoother. People have commented me on how my skin is looking including my hairdresser who did question what I had done. This was after only one session! I have had similar treatments before without such noticeable results!

I look forward to my next relaxing and beneficial treatment at R3 Aesthetics!

11th March 2016

Siobhan Harper

As it is for most people, my 40th was quite a landmark birthday, it’s the one where you realise you really are getting older and that all the things people warned you about over the years start to materialise.  Not least, the laughter lines started to stay long after I had stopped laughing or smiling!

I had never seriously thought about cosmetic surgery or enhancements as I was growing up, I had assumed it was the domain of the rich and famous – those who needed to cling onto youth for their career.  When I was in my mid-thirties a friend mentioned she had had Botox to even out frown lines for her 40th birthday – it was a present to herself and no one else knew about it, not even her husband!  Something obviously registered about that conversation because as my big day drew closer, and everyone around me started looking younger, I reflected on the options.

I have no desire to change my appearance, but I do want to make the most of what I have and always have done – whether it is keeping fit and staying slim, upkeep of my hair or applying my make-up.  Looking in the mirror, over the last 18 months, I could see that certain lines were getting deeper and more permanent.  They weren’t beyond anything you would expect to see on a 40-year-old face but they were definitely aging my appearance.  So I started to think about the options, and Botox seemed to be the answer.

I did my research and looked at the various services and clinics available locally.  I didn’t want to go with a branded chain as you would most likely be paying more than was necessary, plus the service seemed a bit impersonal.  I also didn’t want to go with a local beautician or similar, who had simply done the training.  I wanted a personalised service that I could trust, I was not prepared to take any risks.

Then I came across R3 Aesthetics and met with Ruchi and Sumit.  They were both personable, knowledgeable and, most importantly, qualified medical practitioners.  I knew immediately that this was the right route for me and I felt I was in safe hands.

I had an initial consultation with Ruchi where she explained exactly what to expect including how she would apply the Botox, where she would apply it and also the areas that she wouldn’t work on and why.  I gained a full understanding of the procedure, any risks or side effects, the costs involved and also regularity of future treatments if I decided to maintain it.  I felt very comfortable deciding to proceed.  I learned that it was a straight forward and temporary procedure with little to no risk of any short or long terms side effects – the Botox simply paralyses the selected muscles for a period of time which on average is between three and 4 months.  After that, everything returns to as it was prior to the treatment.

At my appointment Ruchi marked in where she would apply the Botox and explained about the muscles and which muscles were causing which movements and lines – it was really interesting and their medical knowledge really shone through, which was very reassuring particularly during the first application.  I was advised that the injections, of which there were about 15 or so, would feel like a sharp scratch or pin prick.  I have a high pain threshold so wasn’t concerned about it hurting but I must say, I am very squeamish when it comes to needles and injections.  However, I was quickly put at ease when I saw the ‘needle’ – it wasn’t a needle, more like a very small epi pen.  When Ruchi applied the first injection, in all honesty, I didn’t even feel it.  This was pretty much the same for the entire procedure – I may have felt a slight pressure on one or two of the applications and this was because these were the areas with the strongest muscles and therefore larger volumes of Botox were being applied.

The procedure took about 10 – 15 minutes in total and I was then reminded about the aftercare.  This included ideally not wearing makeup for 24 – 48 hours.  I think I lasted 24!  And just to check that the areas where the injections were made do not become inflamed or infected, which they did not.

The procedure took about two weeks to reach its full effect – it’s very gradual.  Ruchi kept in touch during this time and then I went for a follow-up appointment at two weeks where she could review the outcome.

I was very pleased with the results and am now at the stage where I have booked a second appointment.  I have decided, for now, I will maintain the Botox treatments once every few months.  I see it as the same has having my hair done or a facial, it is a periodic treatment that will subtly enhance my appearance.

I highly recommend the R3 Aesthetics team.